One of the best things about Lights is our leaders. This is an amazing team of young adults. They’re a group of godly, gifted, loving, sacrificial and servant-hearted volunteers. We’ve asked them to lead because they love God and because they’re great role-models for teenagers as they go through the high school years. They’ve completed intensive safe ministry training and Working With Children Checks.

Jotham Booker

Currently studying at SMBC and working as a Student Minister at St Thomas’. Loves Jesus, soccer, friends, bacon and church.

Steph Semler

Steph works for CRU Camps, recruiting and training the volunteer camp leaders. She loves running, hiking, poetry and art. She’s super excited to be leading the year 7 girls at...

Callum Morris

Currently studying at USyd. Likes to surf and play basketball in his spare time. Loves to talk and share about Jesus Christ, especially at Lights because, “Salvation is found in...

Jess Egan

Is studying Primary Teaching at Notre Dame University. Loves the beach, sunrises, swimming, netball and playing the guitar! But most of all loves getting to tell people about Jesus!

Jordy Fung

Is currently studying Commerce and Engineering at UNSW. Loves surfing, skating, skiing, sushi, sleeping, sunrises, sunsets and coffee!

Ellie Dudley

Currently studying media and arts at USYD. Loves the beach, concerts, reading and spending time with other people.

Luke Morris

He loves skating, surfing and all sorts of sports. He plays guitar and loves playing music but mainly loves learning about God and glorifying him!

Sam Capel

Enjoys life, learning about God, His creation and nursing. Smiles lots. Keen to lead youth towards Christ! (and loveeeeees ice-cream :D)

Alexander Worton

Currently studying Commerce and Psychology at Macquarie University and working part-time. Loves cooking, surfing, candle making, piano playing, dog patting and chocolate eating. “Follow my Insty.”

Ellie Williams-Roldan

Works for the uni Christian group (Credo) doing a Ministry apprenticeship called MTS. Loves to dance, paint with food colouring, make things, read things, and spend time with God and His...

Luke Shooter

Just finished his studying to be a minister in 2017 and has started working at St Thomas. He loves rugby, exploring God’s world and seeing people come to know and...

Katie Beers

Came to Australia from Chile at the start of 2013 to work as a ministry apprentice at St Thomas’, now studying at Moore College. Loves animals, soccer, crispy chicken laksa, and shopping at Vinnies.

Gerard O’Brien

Is a minister at St Thomas’. He loves pizza dates with his wife Briar, and playing card games with his two young daughters.