• The Foundation of Family

    Throughout the bible family is painted to be a concept independent of human relationship. Of all the ways our God decides to describe himself He decides to use the words, Father and Son.

  • Does Science Have the Upper Hand?

    For me, the power of God was always prominently displayed when objections were raised against Him. It seemed that whoever opposed God, whether their argument was against His existence or His goodness, when all the facts were considered, didn’t have much ground to stand on. However, as I progressed through...

  • Christian Hope

    Hope. It is what most people build their lives on. If there is no hope, then why do we live? There is no point to living unless we have hope. The dictionary defines hope as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.” But the Bible...

  • Why Is It so Hard to Be Patient?

    When we let impatience get the better of us because a desire, goal or promise cannot be instantly fulfilled, it can lead us to make some pretty irrational and hurtful decisions that certainly do not reflect God’s gracious and merciful character.

  • Dealing with Temptation

    Temptation. We’ve all felt it before. It is the very thing that separates followers of Christ from those who give in to Satan. When we refuse it, we show that we follow God’s word. Refusing temptation isn’t an act, it’s a decision. Not giving in shows you have chosen to...

  • How come if there’s evidence for Christianity, the whole world doesn’t believe it? And other questions, answered.

    If you’ve ever heard anything about Christianity, you probably have some questions about it. Here are some common questions, and hopefully helpful answers for you to think through. We’d love you to join us at Lights at 7pm on Fridays to keep wrestling with these questions and personally deciding for...

  • Why we love coming to Lights! And you should too!!!

    We love Lights! I went and asked some of our youth why they love lights. So we’re going to tell you our favourite parts of Lights, what we’ve been learning in our time at Lights and finally why you and all your friends should come along too! The average week...

  • Why would I wake up early?!?

    I love sleeping. I always have. All my family and friends know this by the fact that I always try to get the most amount of sleep that I possibly can. This means that it is a regular occurrence for me to be walking out the door with breakfast, hairbrushes,...

  • summercamp 2019

    Lights 2019

    Get ready for Lights 2019!

  • It’s Christmas!

    Here's some ideas from Gerard on sharing the gospel with your friends and family this Christmas.