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Dealing with Temptation


We’ve all felt it before. It is the very thing that separates followers of Christ from those who give in to Satan. When we refuse it, we show that we follow God’s word. Refusing temptation isn’t an act, it’s a decision. Not giving in shows you have chosen to put God’s word before your own. Refusing temptation, however, isn’t easy.

As your teenage years unfold, and life presents itself with new opportunities, you are going to have to make the decisions necessary for the foundation of your Christian life. You will be faced with everything the world has to offer, everything good, everything bad. As humans, it’s in our very nature to disobey aspects of the God’s law.

Why not give in? There’s nothing holding you back.

Nothing except, God’s word. If you’re a Christian you have the gospel to help hold you back. God’s word will stand in your way. However, you will require both God’s word and your desire to follow it in order to prevent you from giving in.

Most of the time temptation begins with something good, something harmless. But then it grows, it develops, it adapts. It’ll adapt into something new, such that by the time you compare your initial desires to your current ones, one would assume they were the needs of two separate individuals. Temptation changes you. Slowly pulling you away from Christ, inch by inch. What is the best way to stop this? Never giving in in the first place.

Giving in to temptation is sin, and sin is the Satan’s tool. By giving in to temptation you are giving in to Satan. Think of Adam and Eve, it was temptation that brought sin into the world. From that small decision came many more forms of temptation. Temptations for sex, food, money, power and above all, viewing oneself as an equal of God. We need to deal with it as soon as we recognise it as a problem.

Refusing to give in to your ungodly desires shows you have character, the will to not be manipulated by your peers, the desire to not be a follower of the crowd. You may feel different, but you’re not alone. You and your brothers and sisters in Christ are all in the same boat.

Giving in to temptation can show us what we truly are capable of. It can leave us sad, scared and in complete isolation. We may feel as though we’ve fallen off the “deep end” and are beyond being saved.

No. No we’re not. There are three solutions to dealing with temptation; prayer, bible reading and accountability.

  1. Prayer helps us connect with god, show him how truly sorry we are and that we want to improve. The most important aspect of a Christian life is connection.
  2. Bible reading gives us recounts of individuals of the past who have faced situations like us, covering how they dealt with them.
  3. Accountability is talking about it with other Christians who will ask us how we’re going in the future.

When we fall, we need to go back to prayer, back to the Bible and be honest with those who know what we struggle with.

But most importantly we need to go back to the cross the place where Jesus perfectly paid for our sin and provided forgiveness. He came for sinners, not the righteous. When we give into temptation and sin, it helps us appreciate the wonder of Christ’s forgiveness all the more. So turn back to him, he’ll always be there for you.

In the end, we all struggle with temptation. It doesn’t matter if you slip up or momentarily turn away from God. Remember, you can pray. Maintaining a relationship with God can help you through tough times. He’ll always be there for you. Talking to him shows you want to improve, that you want the strength and resilience necessary to resist any of your ungodly desires.

If you find yourself struggling, don’t be afraid to speak up. The leaders of our community will guide and pray for you. I, myself, had the privilege of speaking to multiple leaders on how I could deal with my temptation. You can deal with yours too. This community will always be here for you.

Orion, Year 10