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Does Science Have the Upper Hand?

For me, the power of God was always prominently displayed when objections were raised against Him. It seemed that whoever opposed God, whether their argument was against His existence or His goodness, when all the facts were considered, didn’t have much ground to stand on. However, as I progressed through the end of High School, studying both physics and chemistry and then continuing to study biology in depth at University, it seemed that science was equipping the non-christian with all the necessary ammo to fight back. Soon I was facing theories about evolution, the beginning of the universe and even studies attempting to justify our engrained moral values that everyone had. It seemed to me that slowly, science was beginning to replace God as truth in the world and I didn’t know how to save Him. To put it in other terms, it seemed that “God was dead, and science had killed him”. However, through earnest prayer, study of His Word and deep reflection on the information I was being taught, I came to realize that it was preposterous that God needed saving (especially by me) but rather science needed to be saved by God. Let me explain this in three different points:


  • Science usually presumes that it is wrong.

My friend put his arm in the air and waited patiently… “Yes, James”, my physics teacher asked without looking up from his computer. There was a moment of silence before James enquired,

‘Why is it called a “theory”?

‘It is a theory because it is still growing, still expanding. We start with an idea that explains what we know about the universe. However, as we learn more about the universe, we discover what we thought we knew was wrong. We just do our best with the information that we have to explain the interactions that we see. Nearly all the time though, we are wrong!”, my teacher explained in a succinct statement.

It seemed to satisfy James enough for him to lower his hand however it never made much sense to me.

The scientific community are often in disagreement about nearly every topic, very little is taken for definitive truth. This is how we learn more, through challenging and critiquing ideas. It is a beautiful thing to test, study and experiment as we grow to understand the beautiful world that has been given to us by an amazing creator. However, with so much disparity around truth, how can the scientific community claim to know anything. The scientific process involves continuingly testing what you know, to make sure it is consistent with what you experience and adapting what you know, to fit in with what you learn. In short, science usually presumes that it is wrong but just does its best with what it has to explain the world around it. However, when the God of the universe, omnipotent and omnipresent declares something to be true, there can be no doubt that it is as he is “the way, the truth and the life”.



  • Science does not declare God “dead”, just some scientists.

As I sat in my lecture hall and listened to evolution explained to me for the first time, I was utterly fascinated. “The development of species through genetic mutation to create the variety we see in the world today” is how it was explained to me. Now, I am not going to comment or go into depth about the validity of macroevolution as a theory as I know from my own research that it is widely covered on the internet. What I want to talk about is the fact that the study of natural things (like evolution) has very little ramifications on the existence of God. However, when someone is already convinced of an idea, they will manipulate information to be consistent with their worldview. Science exists within the realm of the natural, however God exists in the supernatural. The idea that the natural can “explain away” the supernatural is illogical. Science (the study of the natural) cannot, by definition, answer the question about a supernatural being, all it can do is give information about the natural to be interpreted. It is the individual who takes science and conforms it to their own worldview to conclude that science proves God doesn’t exist.


  • Science relies on God in order to make sense.

There are some remarkable things in the universe. Things that do not make sense to us. From conscience to the duality of light we are constantly out of our depth with the information we are given. Therefore, in order to study any of the universe we see around us, there are some necessary assumptions that need to be made. For example:

There are natural causes for things that happen in the world around us.

Evidence from the natural world can be used to learn about those causes.

There is consistency in the causes that operate in the natural world.

For the atheist scientist, it is pure coincidence that these assumptions remain consistent because without God, why should they? This world is random, shouldn’t the rules that govern it be too. However, they are consistent from one day to the next. It is God, in his power and order that governs the universe to be consistent as it is and allow us to study it as we do. Science, the study of natural things is reliant on God governing the universe day in day out and providing order in the world we live in.