What should I expect?
On a Friday night, you can expect some combination of the following:

– A Bible talk given by one of our leaders
– Discussion groups with other kids in your year
– A time of singing and prayer
– Games
– Time to hang out over supper

You’re welcome to participate in all these things, but you won’t be expected to answer tricky questions, sing up the front, pray out loud, or anything like that. Also, make sure you eat dinner beforehand (you can grab $4 thai just around the corner if you’re in a rush!)


When is pickup/dropoff?
Lights starts at 7pm on a Friday, so please arrive before then 🙂

We share supper together from 9-9.30, and parents can pickup anytime during that.


Do I need to bring anything?
Nope. If you have a Bible, please bring that – but we can give you your own one if you don’t. Don’t forget to grab dinner beforehand, but apart from that just bring yourself and be willing to check out what’s happening and get involved when you feel comfortable- the more you get involved the more fun you’ll have and the more things you’ll learn!


Do I need to pay?
Nope. Lights is completely free to attend – the only times we will ask for money are when we go on special events called “Highlights” – cool stuff like going to laser tag, putt putt golf, the pool, Manly Water Works, Luna Park or for other extra stuff. A normal Friday night or Sunday morning is completely free, and we even provide supper on Fridays.


What if I’m not a Christian, or I don’t know much/never heard about Jesus, or I’m an atheist/Jewish/Muslim/Catholic/not baptised/etc. ?
Come along to Lights! You’re very welcome. Really – we want everyone to come to Lights and we’ll help you learn about Jesus and God’s amazing love. There are no requirements for who can come; we just ask that you be willing to listen to what we have to say about Jesus. We’re super-happy for you to ask questions and you won’t be laughed at or anything like that if you don’t know much – we’re just happy that you’re here and asking questions. Also, take a look at our “Who is Jesus?” page for some more info online.