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It’s Christmas!

Christmas is awesome. It’s summer, it’s holidays, it’s got warm, fuzzy feelings. And how good is it that the whole nation stops everything for a week or two because of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! But also how sad that most of our nation don’t have any idea why Jesus is so wonderful. In the spirit of the true reason for the season, here’s some ideas for sharing the good news of Jesus with your friends this Christmas:

1. Invite them to Lights! There’s still two weeks left. And we’re looking at the gospel of Mark (learning all about Jesus!)

2. Share some videos with them. I’ve put 12 great Christmas videos below. If you wanted to be really bold, you could post on your social media thing ’12 days of Christmas videos’ in the lead up to Christmas. Or you could just share one or two you like the most. (And nerd’s note – the 12 days of Christmas actually start on Christmas Day, but who cares about technicalities?)

3. Invite them to church. Who doesn’t like belting out some joyful Christmas Carols this time of year?! Bring them along to the Church Community Party on 16 December. Or we’ve got a modern service at 5pm on Christmas Eve, or a more-traditional service at 11pm on Christmas Eve, or your classic Christmas Day services at 8am and 10am. They’re all good. Be bold and ask your friends if they would like to join you. Ask your family while you’re at it!

4. Give them a gift. Give them something they want to have (like, I dunno, an iTunes voucher – do people still give those?), then give them something you want them to have (maybe a Bible, or an ‘Essential Jesus’ gospel of Luke – free on the church bookstall, or a book on the church bookstall called ‘A Very Different Jesus’).

5. Sit down and talk about the real meaning of Christmas. It’s often much more awkward starting the conversation than it is continuing it once you’re in it. So be awkward and start it. Something like ‘Hey you know I’m a Christian and Christmas is important to me? I was wondering if someone’s shared the true meaning of Christmas with you before?’ Then take them through how Jesus came into the world to save sinners. A dead-set easy way to this is to read through a 2 Ways To Live tract with them (free on the church bookstall).

6. Be joyful – Jesus loves you and came into the world to die for you. How awesome is that?! Worth sharing some Christmas joy!

– Gerard