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Why we love coming to Lights! And you should too!!!

We love Lights! I went and asked some of our youth why they love lights. So we’re going to tell you our favourite parts of Lights, what we’ve been learning in our time at Lights and finally why you and all your friends should come along too!

The average week at lights will involve a dinner which is a great time to hang out before lights officially starts, a super fun game, a talk from the Bible where we get to hear from God’s word, in discussion groups we get to discuss the Bible in more detail and ask the important questions, prayer and praise where we get to sing and talk to God and we end on supper, getting to spend more time with our friends and as a community!

At lights, there’s really something for everyone! Let’s see what the youth say is their favourite part and why.

Josh loves the game because it’s lots of fun with friends. Tom, Joel and Jai all love discussion groups because you can sit down and have good chats about God, what’s been happening during the week and getting to understand God more. Sarah also loves discussion groups because she loves getting to hang out with her year group, discussing the talk and praying for each other. Ben loves getting to sing together as well as supper and spending time as a community.

But Lights isn’t just about the fun and community. At Lights, we get to hear from God’s word and learn more about Jesus and what this means for our lives. Here is what the youth have learnt from their time at Lights.

Samara has learnt things she already knew but has been able to understand them in an even more detailed way. Ben has learnt that being a lukewarm Christian means you’re not actually part of God’s family. Guinny has learnt that God is so much bigger than what we can understand, similarly Abigail has learnt that God is even more powerful than we think. Another Ben has learnt how great prayer is and the importance of giving 100% of our lives to God and Joel has learnt that throughout all of our sin Jesus still died for us and that even as sinful as we are, Jesus can still love us!

So, we know that Lights is so much fun but also teaches us about the most important thing in our lives – Jesus! What does this mean for our attitude towards Lights

It means we should really be making Lights a priority in our week! It’s our time to catch up with other people who are putting God at number 1 in their lives and is a great way to encourage one another to keep this up, even in all the stress and craziness of school!

It also means we should be inviting our friends to Lights because we’ve learnt the most important truth – that Jesus is King and died for our sins. As Ben says ‘everyone needs to be saved and the only way is through becoming part of God’s family’. We should want to share this with our friends and Lights is a great place to bring our friends along to, so they can have fun and see what Jesus is all about!

Many people have come to put their trust in Jesus at lights, SO be bold, invite a friend and see you this Friday at 6.30pm for more fun, community, and truth about Jesus!

– Jess (Year 8 Girls Leader) and the youth